If Jabotinsky were here today, what would he say?
That keeping to the middle of the road only makes us vulnerable to being hit.
We must choose.
There is a time to lie low and a time to fight, and the time for the latter is now.
The alternative is to surrender and let evil prevail.
God has been on our side through the ages, and He is with us now.

Days of Age: Bill Ayers and the Legacy of the 1960s Radicals and Bombers in Education with Mary Grabar, May 7

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In addition to Bill Ayers, we now learn that expert bomb-setter for the Weatherman terrorist group, Ronald Fliegelman, also enjoyed a long career as a teacher and molder of young minds. Many might say, “Good for them: they’ve done something
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Gustavo Perednik: Who Killed the Prosecutor? The Argentine Coverup

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One month ago, Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was murdered, just a few hours before he was due to expose the complicity of the Argentine government with Iran in a joint attempt to cover up Iran’s guilt for a mega terrorist
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Sha’i ben-Tekoa – Semites and Hamites: The Real Root Cause | March 18

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  The relationship between Arabs and Jews did not begin in 1967 when Israel’s army of Jews drove Jordan’s army of Arabs from the high ground, the hills of Judea and Samaria, and forced them to retreat across the Jordan
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Claims Conference leaders continue obfuscating the truth


Once again, as we commemorated the victims of the Holocaust, what was highlighted was the grinding poverty of elderly survivors unable to live out their few remaining years with a semblance of dignity. It is now almost five years since
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Daniel Tragerman was killed by mortar fired from UN facility – ex-IDF chief

Former IDF chief of general staff, Lt. Gen. (res.) Benjamin (Benny) Gantz addresses the Jewish Agency Board of Governors in Jerusalem, Tuesday, February 24. photo credit: David Schechter/Jewish Agency)

Daniel Tragerman, 4, who was killed in his home at Kibbutz Nahal Oz by a mortar shell fired from Gaza on August 22, 2014 The mortar round that killed four-year-old Daniel Tragerman on the second to last day of the
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Muslim Immigrants: Their Number is Not Sufficient

The wreckage of a commuter train sits at the Madrid station of Atocha after bombs exploded during the 2004 terrorist attack. (Photo Source: Sergio Barrenechea/Corbis)

The European reaction to a rumor about a possible bomb threat… On April 29 and 30, residents of the European capitals and big cities began receiving messages from their friends and family, asking them not to use underground trains on
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Doris Wise Montrose, Founder of Jews Can Shoot, Talks About the Organizational Mission


Conference Call with Yossi Kuperwasser


With the deadline for a framework agreement with Iran fast approaching, TIP held a conference call with Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Yossi Kuperwasser, Former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs (2011-2014) ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Brigadier-General (ret.) Yossi Kuperwasser was
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PODCAST: European Jews in Danger Again: Amending the Immigration Act for Jews Wanting to Emigrate to America

Desecrated Jewish Graves in France